Other programs to use outside of free code camp

What are some programs I can download to use code outside of Code Camp?

If you mean a text aditor: SublimeText, Atom,Brackets .

I use Notepad++. It works quite well.

I downloaded SublimeText and got nagged literally every few minutes to buy it.

VS Code is gaining a lot of traction, it is free and integrates with Git, Git Hub.

Lots of plug ins (extensions) so for the beginner stuff keep it simple.


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Were you able to install ESLint in VS Code? I’ve tried twice and given up. Also, I found debugging to be worse than in VS Community (got errors without the line where that occurred).

I had no problems setting up eslint in VSCode.
I am trying it out at the moment.
What I haven’t found yet is good mocha integration.


Dan it has been downloaded 2.6 million times, I think that it works but you might have to take a few extra steps.
That extension has been well tested though.


Are you using the codepen.io?