Output in VS Code is random symbols

Hi there,

I have installed Code Runner extension for VS Code for running JavaScript code:

When I click on “Run” button the output is shown like this:

Why is it showing the output that way and how to fix it?

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does this recommendation helps? lua - Why does VS code shows output with weird symbols? - Stack Overflow

personally I used this youtube tutorial to be able to run JavaScript in Vs code on my Windows 10 PC

youtube and stackoverflow are perfect to find the solution for coding bugs

I have installed it the same way but it doesn’t work, even after reinstalling(

Hey @Johnny_John ! You are currently looking at output. Make sure you switch to terminal. Should be able to see the console logs appear there! :slight_smile: Let me know if that works!

If you enter this in you terminal and you run the following

  • node main.js

This should run the file and you should see the log

For testing and playing around with JS I would suggest using the Quokka extension.

  • Do you have Node.js installed?

  • What language is your system set to? Is it Cyrillic?

It kind of looks like the error message you would get when it can’t find the runtime but is printed in an unsupported character set.

For example, running a ts file without the runtime prints this:

[Running] ts-node "e:\web\test.ts"

'ts-node' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Shows like this for a user that I’m guessing isn’t using a latin/roman alphabet

@CodedJourney the Code runner extension prints to the output.

  • I don’t have Node.js installed (should I install it) (if yes, do you have anu suggestions for guides to look?)

  • My system language is set to Cyrillic (should I change it to English?)

Just go to

and install the LTS version.

Edit: No you do not need to change the language. I just wanted to confirm my suspicion about the error message not getting printed correctly because of the language used by the system. All you should need to do is to install Node.js

You need to Node for Quokka as well which I would still suggest you check out.

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Installing Node.js fixed it


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