Over XX yrs old - No degree - No experience - HIRED

Hello All,
I’m in my mid 50’s. I have no technical work experience. I have no college degree.
Last May I quit my job so that I could focus 100% on web dev and I began studying from 6am until 8pm 7 days a week.
At the end of Sept I began applying for entry level jobs just to get some experience with technical interviews. I had no expectations of actually landing a job…but I did!

If I can do this…you can do this!
Age and/or lack of a degree are only an obstacle if you allow them to be.
Believe and make it happen.



How so ? What were you developing and for whom, or for what purpose ?

In what sense ? Can you give some details or insights into what you studied, how you went about studying it, and how you set objectives without necessarily knowing what was useful or good to know for professional work ?

What is the job, and for whom/which company ?


Good for you!
I am retraining starting at 37 and it is intimidating.
Im not going to quit my job to study, but I am going to put lots of effort into it!
If you can do it, I can too!
Thanks for the motivation.


I also have no experience and no degree but I’m only 26 years old, and here I am wondering if it’s too late for me. This is inspirational. :smiley:


Can you share some of your study tips/websites with us?
Also, 8am to 6pm every day? My wife calls me obsessed and I’m doing 2-3 hours every day.


Congratulations! Inspiring! Cheers to us older folks :sparkling_heart:


For anyone else in the same boat, you might find this video (Title: Is 40 yrs too old to learn to code?) helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcggB6vRUzE


Hey, i am the same age as you, and i quite my job, and got back to Univ, studying with 18 year olds, and i am willing to get a EE Eng. degree, and do webdev to finance my self. so go for it !! :muscle::muscle:


Congrats! What languages were you profficient in when you got the job? Also what did they ask during the interview where you got hired?

Your study time sounds amazing! I try to max the amount of study time during tuesday through thursday becuase those are my least busy days.
Cheers mate!

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Congratulations! Inspiring!

I’m struggling to get a job

Congrats, Thanks for sharing your story of perseverance and focus!

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Congratulations! This is super inpiring!


Just in case you missed my reply seeking some details and clarification to your post, I’d just like to prod you. As you posted in the category Career Advice, I hope you’ll be willing to address some of my questions as I have no doubt the answers will help me and many others get a clearer understanding of what your process actually was.

Now it’s been some weeks since the original post, you might also be able to provide details of your job, and what your first few weeks have been like. Knowing what you know now, and having settled into your new role, it would be very insightful to hear any reflections you have about what you think you would have done differently in your year preparing for a professional position, and what you think specifically was particularly beneficial and would recommend to others not to overlook.

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