(PART 7) Seeking eager campers to join Voyage cohort! (AKA gain team developer experience)

Hello continuous learners & coders!

Voyage-4 cohort applications are now open!!

What is the Voyage-cohort all about?
Here is what we do: put motivated people with similar goals together in an environment that gives them the opportunity to level-up in a way they couldn’t otherwise.

The Voyage cohorts only have one purpose and that’s to give aspiring & established developers the opportunity to accelerate their learning and level-up by building dev projects in teams.

Can I see some examples of the projects?
Yes, here is last session’s project showcase with projects built by teams of self-directed learners.

Also, here is an an article written by someone in a previous Voyage cohort to give you an idea of what the experience can be like.

How can I apply & does everyone get accepted?

You can apply to the Voyage code cohort here.

We will be testing out a few new projects (from previous cohort teams) to improve the process and support teams, so we’ll be accepting less people this round while we implement the new tools. :pray:

When will the next Voyage cohort start?
The first week of February.

All right, that’s all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: Also, it’s worth leaving a comment here if you applied just in case there’s a mixup (it happens every cohort).

Happy coding & learning!

p.s. we’re also accepting Designers and Data Scientists in this cohort! :rocket:


Request: calling all @JacksonBates!


I’ve signed up to Michael Johnson’s KindCoders project, so if he has something for me that will be my priority.

Otherwise, I’m down for a cohort :slight_smile:

Are they the same as before? Do I need to dust off my Red Panda avatar?

No experience but would be very interested. Thanks

Applied and cannot wait. Thanks!

I just applied. I hope it works out this time.

I’ve got a question about the application form. I was stopped in my tracks when I had to choose which project url to give. Which one to pick? Back-end? Front-end? Something with decent git commits? Live site? GitHub source code? Does it have an impact on whether we’re accepted or the kind of project we end up doing?

In the end I gave a link to a back-end personal project I haven’t touched in a while. Having been working on front-end projects recently, I cringe when I look at the user interface! Maybe I should have linked to a FreeCodeCamp project instead, but I haven’t got very far…

Sounds good! I’ll reach out later in the month to check in on your status. :slight_smile:

And they similar in some respects, but more team-dev oriented now.

Applied, hope to hear back!

Hi @sfiquet, great question! What you did was perfect. It’s more there to get a sense of how far people are along in their coding journey and helps establish a sense of how committed people are to coding so far. Ex. if you have a finished backend project, you’re probably less likely to quit coding in the duration of the cohort.

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I have applied.
I am looking forward to be part of this great initiative. :slight_smile:
Really excited!

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I see, thanks for clearing this up for me!

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Applied and put it in my calendar for February!

I’ve thown my name into the hat. Keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

this may be a silly question … for those of us currently on voyage 6, will this carry on into 7 or do we need to apply for the new cohort?

EDIT: looks like you’re starting from scratch again, so I’ve signed up!

Hey @nikrb - that’s not a silly question at all and I’m glad you asked it! All active teams in the current cohort who need more time can definitely transfer over (we have a few teams that do this every cohort), and members are open to join another team as well.

Let’s chat later this month if you and your team is interested in doing that. :slight_smile:

Happy to hear it and thanks for the kind words! :rocket:

Sweet! Was waiting for this! Hello everyone!

Happy to hear it good sir! :slight_smile:


ooo happy to see a familiar face! :slight_smile:

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Signed up. Looking forward to it!