Pers portofolio

Hi there, I would like U leave comment for this abstract personal potfolio, maybe you will laugh about it, but that was just an idea how to do it awesome /i read that saga right now/ when i don´t have not too big web portfolio. thanks

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hi, thank you so much for it , i´m very happy you leave reply, this is very very first time i´m talking about with somebody about coding. I know it doesn´t work on smartphones , it is about that left side navbar , but I work on it, think I make different version with top nav-bar , but this one for desktops look cool i think

Looks great, really like that affect of a static photo with the text scrolling up. Great job.

sorry i don´t understand what this mean. can you anwer?

Omg, I wasn’t expecting that! You got some serious talent, keep going on

very nice and also made me laugh. i know you used the font to fit with the whole theme of your page, but make sure to keep readability in mind for future projects.

Really nice, I like it. Some text overlap the menu. Good job,

Looks awesome on the desktop!