"personal portfolio" 2 errors I can't close

I can to validate the “Personal portfolio” project.
This my codePen link:

These are the 2 remaining errors to close:

“The welcome section should have an h1 element that contains text.”
There is a h1 element.

“The height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport.”
For me that works well :thinking:

This is not the error I am getting. I am getting:

" My portfolio should have a link with an id of “profile-link”, which opens my GitHub or FCC profile in a new tab."

You do have a link with that ID but it is not pointing to one of the two acceptable destinations.

Your second issue can usually be fixed with the CSS box-sizing property.

Yes for “box-sizing: border-box”. That works.

For the link I don’t understand.

<section id="contact">
      <h1>Let's work together...</h1>
      <p>How do you take your coffee?</p>
      <a id="profile-link" href="https://www.freecodecamp.org/BorisLB"
        >My FreeCodeCamp profil</a

Which link I have to put exactely ?

Have you saved your codepen? Because the link I am seeing is

<a id="profile-link" href="https://codepen.io/ALL9000"
        >My FreeCodeCamp profil</a

Also, you are missing the > on the closing </a> tag.

I updated the link :
Maybe you have to reload the page.

The > is at the end:

  <a id="profile-link" href="https://www.freecodecamp.org/BorisLB"
        >My FreeCodeCamp profil</a

Don’t know what to say. I have cleared my cache and reloaded your codepen link and I’m still seeing the old version.

But I just realized there is another issue with the link:

“My portfolio should have a link with an id of “profile-link”, which opens my GitHub or FCC profile in a new tab.”

Notice the bold text.


Thank you.

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