Personal Portfolio and RWD Certificate

I just finished the Personal Portfolio and Technical Documentation Page projects which concludes the certification! Here are the links:

I looked at your portolio and good job! Few things I would change,

There is small white space between the navbar and the main content.
Try to fit your intro section into one full viewport. Currently I have to scroll down a bit more.
Your images don’t work because they are hosted on imgur. Codepen blocks them. Try using a different source.

Good luck! :tada:

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On your personal portfolio, when clicking on the Samples link half of the title of that section are displayed underneath your fixed navbar.

Also, each of your links should open in a new tab instead of the same one.

Yeah I’ve noticed. It was completly within the viewport but the tests won’t complete I had to add height: 100vh; so I’ll have to find a workaround.

Yeah it’s annoying. They load on my computer. They don’t load on my phone. Do you know any alternative sources?

I believe photobucket still works. Dropbox is also popular, as is Cloudinary

You could link the image to an image file in a github repo. That’s what I did, and it worked.

I’ll look into that.

Was it supposed to be like that? The tests pass.

Oh reallyy? I was thinking about that as well though I didn’t know how that would work. That would make it much easier.

No it doesn’t have to be like that but it’s a better user experience to have the link open in another tab leaving them on your portfolio page. Maybe that’s just my opinion.
Your ‘view more’ link to your GitHub page opens in a new tab and I like that. I thought having your codepen’s open in a new tab would be as nice.

Oh you mean the project links? The reason I did that was cause this page was already in CodePen. I thought it would be redundant to open more CodePen pages in a new tab. It would make more sense to open other websites on new tabs.

Yes, that’s what I meant :sunglasses:

Gotcha :slight_smile:

I’m new to this site . how do i get the Certificate ? I now i have to finish the projects
but is there another step i must do after i finish the exercites

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Hi @vincedukehuff! Welcome to the forum :wink:

A few hours ago I had the same question :grin:. Exploring I found the way.


  1. click on Update my account settings
  2. accept the Academic Honesty Policy
  3. click on Claim Certification

Cheers and happy coding!:keyboard::muscle: