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Hey guys finished the R W D Certification recently, I would like to share with you the last project of the course, the Personal Portfolio to have an expert opinion from you. I would like to add that I started coding recently, almost 3 months ago. Thank you!

Here is my Code pen link

Portfolio FCC (codepen.io)

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Your page is few things to revisit

  1. I can’t see the images and your projects are not accessible

  2. Run code through W3C validator

Thank you Im trying to fix the images problem, I uploaded them with dropbox and I can see the images. Now Im using Google photo links but it doesn’t work

Transfer your photos to google drive and then try to upload them again and check if it works

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Hi @HaroldTheCoder !

If you want screenshots of your previous FCC projects then you can get those images through codepen.

Hey guys I have updated the image links, I appreciate your feedback!

CodePen updated

Portfolio FCC (codepen.io)

I think it looks good.
There are just a couple of issues.

On larger devices, the show all button looks like this. It looks fine on smaller devices though.

The link for the show all button leads to a 404 page.

On larger devices, your name overlaps with the text of front end developer

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Thanks for your feedback I will work to correct these issues and improve! :smile:

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