Personal Portfolio completed - feedback and opinions welcome

Hi fellow campers,
as I’m going through JavaScript algorithms and Data structures module, I’ve finished the last RWD project:

What do you think about it? I’d like to hear your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.

Thank you!

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Hi Marco, nice portfolio! I really like navbar animations :ok_hand:

Just couple of minor issues that I’ve found:

  • Some text is overlapping on small screens:

  • First animation (when the page loads) is causing horizontal scroll to show:

Image from Gyazo

  • On mobile devices it’s not possible to hover over the icons so it’s not obvious what each icon means:


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Good work, Marco!

I second what @sitek94 said.

Also the GitHub, LinkedIn buttons at the bottom don’t link to any external pages. And the Email button doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know if that’s a mistake or you just haven’t finished that part of the page yet.


@sitek94, @ignat_ignatov,
thank you both.

Yes, I forgot to fix that before posting. It should be ok now.

That’s weird…I’m working with the Responsive Design mode in Firefox, and I don’t see that until the width is less than 180px:

I wonder what might be causing it :thinking:.

You’re right. I should add a media query to address that.

I’m planning to add the links to GitHub and Linkedin as soon as I’ll have an account there.
As for the email, it works for me (it opens my email client and a new blank email); I’ll investigate that too though.

Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate that.

That’s probably because the height is 633px. It happened for me when checking on iPhone 5/SE which is 320x568

Not sure what the issue is on my end, but here’s a screenshot of what comes up on my screen when I click the Email button:

Also, not everybody uses an email client. I think it’ll be more convenient for people if you put an email form that they could fill out, and/or have the email address visible if they just want to copy it.

I’m not sure why that happens. Checking it on my laptop it works fine, but I’m working from the local HTML/CSS files on my machine, not on the version hosted by Codepen. Maybe that’s why.

I’m noting another weird thing: if I drag the width of the simulated viewport in Firefox Responsive Design, the media queries work as intended, but that’s not the case if I switch through the emulated devices. I’ll have to investigate that.

The only thing I could think of is something related to the Codepen hosting.

Good point. Also, that seems more straightforward.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: