A new portfolio about to see the world 😎 [feedback please]

Finally done with my portfolio… Yay!!! :laughing:

now it’s time to face the world of critics and feedback :triumph: I am ready fire it at me!

and please don’t hold back :zipper_mouth:

check it out

and thanks in advanced for your time :relaxed:

very very nice … runs well … cant really see anything to critique … love the way you have done the portfolio section. seems to handle mobile size well with one exception … the text at bottom of page.
but to really test that you could put your page in git hub and then check the mobile sizing … i found with a page i was working on looked good on code pen but had problems when i put on git as codepen had media queries that adjusted for different screen heights where as my code didnt (ouch that was a nasty surprise for me but glad i found out sooner rather than later) and from looking at your code all your media queries seem to for width… but have to say really like your page … looks very professional.

  1. Portfolio in your nav bar is spelled wrong.
  2. Was it intentional for the nav bar links to be aligned left? I think it looks a little odd, given the placement of the lines beneath them. I’d suggest centering the links.
  3. I think I’d prefer for all of the text on the first screen to fit within a single normal laptop view, as that’ll make it consistent across all of your tabs and makes it easier on the user…but it might just be me that feels that way?
  4. It was a little disorienting that clicking anywhere on the “hire me” section opens up an email page. Maybe make a dedicated link for it?

All that being said, I like all the effects that you have–the wavy thing when you click on a link and the portfolio effects especially! And the color scheme and general layout look great as well.

Thank you very much for the feedback :relieved:

  1. Sorry my bad i will fix it
  2. Yes, it was intentional but i will try and see how it looks when it’s centered
  3. and 4. Sorry i didn’t really understand what you mean @bethqiang could you please elaborate it more ? :confused:

Thanks again.

Thank you very much @JohnL3 for the feedback :relaxed:

I will have to check the portfolio section again i have already uploaded my code on github if you want to check it out that’s how i did my testing on different browsers.
I will take a look and improve it. :smirk_cat:

yep looks good even from git … adding a margin to that .contact h2 section "In every end there … keeps it on screen … other thing the menu button could do with a margin left when on small screen. but thats really it … all good … hope mine can turn out as good

@JohnL3 I think i have fixed the issues you have mentioned please let me know if that what you meant :relaxed:

@bethqiang the navigation looks much better i think after centering the text even the animation makes more sense i guess
thanks for the suggestion.

As for the fourth issue i made it like that to force people to send me emails hahaha … i know i am not very nice :yum:

And for the third one i still don’t get what you mean could you please elaborate it more ?

yep thats them fixed …[quote=“bethqiang, post:3, topic:23284”]
I think I’d prefer for all of the text on the first screen to fit within a single normal laptop view,

on dev tools when you check one of the laptop veiws the opening screen is slightly larger than the screen height cutting the bottom line of text. so people who use a laptop with those screen heights will not see the the full height of the last line of text only half the height of the text.

I see now i get it but actually i am not happy withe the wordings yet, so it’s just a draft i didn’t want to spend too much time on that part …

BTW i am open to suggestions if you have ideas i would love to hear from you guys @JohnL3 @bethqiang or anyone ??

Yes, @JohnL3 explained my criticism well.

As far as wording suggestions, I think this line sounds a little awkward: FRONT-ENDS FOR CREATIVE AND RESPONSIVE WEB SITES AND APPLICATIONS. It just seems a little too wordy for what’s supposed to be a catchy heading.

Re: the email thing–the reason it was an issue for me was because I had accidentally clicked and then an email window popped up and it was very distracting.

Other than that (and the main screen size thing), everything looks good to me! All of your pictures are broken right now though, just an FYI–not sure if you were migrating them somewhere or something.

Your portfolio is awesome! I love the little animated lines, they add really nice detail. Portfolio section was impressive. Did anyone mention having social networks (i.e. GitHub and LinkedIn) icons instead of text and perhaps center that? It looks good as is but I think this will make the bottom section of your page look better.
Also very nice to see that someone else did a tribute page for a Muslim figure.
Have a nice one :smile: