Finished my portfolio project--comments welcome!

Just finished my portfolio project, would appreciate any comments! :slight_smile:

Thanks and happy coding!

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Awesome!!! I love Harrison Ford too <3

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Looks good so far!

I think your next step is to center and align your content with media queries as you adjust the screen size to be smaller.

Some other comments:

I would definitely make your header bar’s height taller.

I would also recommend taking your name out of the nav div and putting it into its own div and floating it left of the nav.

So it would look something like this:


div class=“title”(float left)

nav(float right)


Put some padding-bottom under your email button so your content isn’t right up on your footer.

I’d recommend centering your portfolio picture and description, but you can see how it looks and decide for yourself. (But leave the “About Me” to the left)

but other than that like I said you’re off to a great start I hope my recommendations have some use to you.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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Thank you, good recommendations, I appreciate the feedback!

Nice portfolio so far! Cute dog you have aha.


  • Perhaps you could add a mobile-responsive navbar. A hamburger icon that toggles and brings out the navigation would be awesome!
  • Center and increase the size of the section titles.
  • Add bit more white space under the branding text(top left area where you placed your name).

Again, great job so far!! :smile_cat:

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Thank you for the feedback, good suggestions!