First of many portfolios review please

hi, ive just finished my portfolio and already know that i will do another at a later date
my problems where mainly to do with the menu been blocked by text on different size screens, laptop is fine tablet is ok up until the end.
Also I know the section titles should be bolder and will work on it, please let me know if anything else erks you or if you have anything good to say.

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Maybe give the navbar a semi-opaque background color? The links there can get mixed up with the text.

You need thumbnails as part of the user stories.

Just my two cents, the font that you used should only be used sparingly (like in hero text or section titles)

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in addition to what @kevcomedia said, I think it would be better on desktop if the main content were centered, and if you went ahead and centered all of your headings so that there would be a bit more visual consistency, like this…

…instead of having some things over to the left and some not

Looks like you have a good start, keep it up :slight_smile:

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