Portfolio page project feedback request


Hi Fedor,

Really good portfolio! One suggestion: When I click on Welcome and My Works in the Navbar the headings of each section are partially covered by the Navbar. I would say experiment with padding to push each section down. For example, I created “id’s” for each div section and added the same amount of padding. My CSS3 looked like this #about, #portfolio, #contact, .skills { padding-top: 65px; } , but your padding will most likely be different because of the size of your navbar.

Hope this helps!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Nice. The underline under Tech Enthusiast and Coder made me think it was clickable. Like the image! Like the compactness of social media and welcome/works/contact all in the navbar.

Hi Matt!
Thank you for this idea. Padding is not the best option especially when it comes to small devices as it creates unused space. However, I’ve changed a markup and add some CSS so now anchors are rendered
as if they were outside parent divs (thanks to position: relative; and top: -6rem;).

What was the reason to add this $('body').attr({'data-spy':"scroll", 'data-target':"#top-bar", 'overflow-y': "scroll"}); in your js code and not add it to html directly ?

The only reason is Codepen. There’s no such an option :wink:

you can add your own body html tag in codepen and it will not be overwritten by it

Thanks! Has changed it.

Hi Fedor,

No worries and happy to help. I didn’t have any issues with smaller devices by using padding, but I will give your way a try too and see what results I get. Thank you for sharing your code! :slight_smile:


Really nice portfolio, I especially like the style of the contact form. Well done!

Good job,
I would consider using media queries to reduce the font size on smaller devices.
Also, on smaller devices, I would add some code to close the menu when a user clicks on a link…For example, if I click on My works, the menu should close…you can add a class to each link and add click event on it that invokes a .click() on the menu.