Portfolio page with smooth scrolling and some jquery! CHANGED A LITTLE

Here is my portfolio page, I took a while to finish this page due to a lot of draw backs in my routine, I would love to hear some feedback, I had a lot of trouble with the creation of this, I went through three different designs before settling on this one, I think I need to work on my creativity, its so hard to make things from scratch.

EDIT: i got a few feedbacks from my wife she said there was too much space between the sections and i removed the fixed navbar in smaller screens to make a better visual.

check it out any suggestions just comment.

very nice … a few points … One big one … when you hit the breakpoint for hiding the menu bar on the side your page overflows big time to the right with blank white area you can even see the scroll bar in the above codepen box
Also your text in the heading box scale that down on mobiles
in project section you have two colums for boxes and on small screens this goes to one which works do the same with the civil engineer and full stack they look squashed on mobile would look better done like the boxes in the project section.
nice job looks good

Thanks a a lot for the reply, yes i forgot to put the hidden overflow.

thanks for the suggestions I made the changes you suggested.