Personal Portfolio fun time

I just completed the last project of the “Responsive Web Design” course, my personal portfolio! I am nowhere near a competent designing level, so it was a funny concept to me to make a personal portfolio, thus, I had a little bit of fun while doing it.

I would love to read your advice, corrections and/or criticsm, I am here to learn. :smile:

See you later alligator :crocodile: :crocodile:

Hey @mikelmendibe99, you forgot to share a link to your portfolio.

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Thank you :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
I’m quite dumb on mondays… Ajajajajajja

Hey, just a few things on your portfolio:

  • Don’t use view port units (vh/vw) for font size as this keeps the user from manually increasing the text size. For example, your menu links at the top are using vw units for the font size. Thus, as I narrow the page the text in those links gets smaller to the point that I can’t really read them clearly and I can’t manually increase their size. The user should always be able to control the text size on your page.
  • When I have the text size very large and narrow the page at some point the social media links at the bottom break out of their orange container. Granted, this is an extreme case but you can never be certain what text size and view port width the user is going to be viewing your page at. This is also a simple fix since you can use a media query break point to change the flex-direction to column. I highly recommend you use em units to set your CSS break points though as that will take into account both changes in view port width and text size. To find the equivalent em value just divide the px value by 16.
  • Consider using an em value on the div containers for the projects so that they trigger as the text size increases.
  • You’ve got some heading issues as you jump from h1 to h3 early on. Make sure not to skip heading levels.
  • If you want to be real good then wrap your main content in a <main>.
  • The only way I can see the descriptions on the projects is to mouse over them. What about keyboard only people?