Personal Portfolio Page Question

I posted a similar question about a different project elsewhere. I passed all of the tests for the Personal Portfolio project but I can’t get the projects to line up in a row. Thank you!

Hi there @mitzvahgirl.

It seems the reason your projects are not lining up in a row is due to them being block level elements, meaning they will not line up with other elements. I fiddled with your codepen a bit and managed to get your first two projects to line up by changing there display to inline-block.

As you can see, it’s not ideal, but it is inline. Are you also using bootstrap? I had a bit of trouble navigating the code with all the divs (row and column divs.) This may also be effecting how they display in an inline-block fashion.

I hope this helps you in some regard

Yea I agree with Kyle you are using Bootstrap naming convention but have not added it to your Pen. Do that and things may work out better. Use container then row.

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Thank you! That’s definitely helpful.

Still having issues. Tried so many things. Now the project images are all large and not lining up and some are missing. Any further help is appreciated!

I would go here and learn how to add external resources like Bootstrap CSS and Javascript instead of using a head tag. This is the beauty of Code Pen.
Then go to and learn how to add images in a Bootstrap Framework style.
Looking further there are some tags that have opening tags and no closing tags or the body tag has two closing tags. There is a a dropdown carret in each edit window on the right top that if you click that there is a “tidy” option. Use that it cleans up the code and is easier to read.