Personal Portfolio project feedback EVZ

Hello everyone, here I bring my fifth project, it still has a long way to go, I chose to make a simple portfolio and then improve it, I hope your opinions. Regards!!

Hola Emmanuel

For a beginner, what you’re doing is very, very good. It’s better to start with a simple design than to make a complex mess.

Two (this number might change) suggestions:

  • The images seem to be a bit squashed. Are you keeping the aspect ratio constant? This is rather relevant.
    Also, there are 2 links per project. One on the image, one on the text underneath. Image+text should be wrapped into a component/div with class .project (maybe) and the whole thing should be a link.

Like so:

<div class="project">
<img src='' />
<p> adgag </p>

Or maybe better, just link on the image:

  • The footer need a bit of extra work. I didn’t check the code, but you can use a grid to keep it tidy, and nicely spaced.

  • Last but not least, include a nice font!
    Montserrat es argentina y muy bonita.

Good luck.

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Hi misterybodon!
-Is it really very bad that I have the link in the image and on a close button? I really put it that way so that the user can choose to click on the image or the button, the images are not maintaining the aspect ratio, I have to see how to fix that problem, perhaps with overflow as I did as the profile photo.

-You caught me !!, I didn’t put much effort into the footer, I have to work more on the flex or maybe as you say I put it inside a grid.

-I completely forgot to put a font on it.

I really appreciate your comment, everything helps me to keep improving.
I make you an inquiry, which you recommend me, Continue with JavaSrcrip or polish more HTML and CSS?

@Emmavz you can try adding object-fit: cover; to your .grid-projects img class. That will fix the aspect ratio. You may need to play with the width and heights again to ensure you have all the pics the way you want them.

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It was just what I needed, thank you very much! I do not dislike how the images were.
In general how do you see my portfolio, what would you change?

The only other thing that feels off to me would be the navbar. I feel it’s too big for the size text in it. I think 3em would be a better height. Then adjust your margin-top in the welcome section also.

Of course that is preference.

Other than that it looks pretty good.

Good point, I changed the attributes and I like it looks.

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When you see the card-like stuff, and a ‘learn more’ button below, usually only the button is a link. On the other hand, sometimes the whole card is a link. For example, check out nike’s site.

But in any case, your approach isn’t too bad.

To maintain the images aspect ratio, I wouldn’t use object-fit alone here, the reason why I didn’t suggest it is that object-fit will crop your content unless you write object-fit:contain. However, in this case, you probably want the whole thing to show and cover the tile. So the to-go approach for me is using proper, well-sized images and then use object fit, though now the latter probably won’t be necessary.

But it’s good for you to know there are at least different approaches.

As for the last question, I am going to be sincere and say that I don’t know. That’s too difficult to answer without a lot more information. By now, just keep practizing whichever of those, and you’ll be fine. Just don’t stop!

From another new guy I can offer that you should move on to JavaScript BUT continue coming back here and seeing other people projects.

Look hard at them and see what they are doing. Sometimes you see them using things you didn’t use in your projects, and of course curiosity sets in and you’ll go look it up and try it out yourself. You’ll also see mistakes that can help you be better. Sometimes people also have questions like “”how can I…” and if you don’t know yourself then go find out!

I spend quite a bit of time still doing html and css. Trust me JavaScript will hurt your brain if you’ve never done any coding before. I take breaks and go research/practice css when I need time away from JavaScript.

Hope that helps you make a decision.

I think you did a great job. I just wanted to point out that you wrote “surver form” instead of survey form on on your link to your survey page. Also, at the bottom, it should be “Created by Emmanuel V. Zelarayán.” Writing “for” makes it sound like someone else created the page for you. “By” means you did it yourself, which I’m sure is the case.

It is very interesting what you tell me, I did not remember those attributes, I will try not to forget when I have to use it in future projects.
Regarding JavaScript, I think it will take me a week or two to continue practicing HTML and CSS, then if I start with JavaScript. The idea is not to stop for anything, wish me good luck!

I’m going to take a week or two to practice HTML and CSS, then I start JavaScript, I was never in contact with codes, only pseudo codes, I see headaches coming!
It is true what you say, watching other people’s projects is also learned, and one is encouraged to try new tools. I like to help where I can, so I will continue to be active here.

Hello, thanks for your review, I did not notice the error when writing “Surver”. Regarding “by” and “for” I did not know that difference, thank you very much, today I learned something new.