Personal Portfolio Webpage Feedback appreciated! :D

Hi this is my first time doing this! I am looking at lots of fantastic portfolios needing feedback out there and I certainly pale in comparison to everyone else! Hopefully I could get some feedback as to what I could add on to make things more interesting and even interactive, and what I am doing wrong.

Issue: I am having difficulties using tables to arrange my buttons especially when I am accessing on a small window or a phone.

Any feedback from any level will be super appreciated, thank you!!! Great community here!! :))


Great first website!

For bootstrap to work properly you need to put columns inside rows which must be inside a container. See this documentation for bootstrap grid explanation.

I think if you take your time to read the documentation and follow examples, many of your issues will be resolved relatively easily.

Sorry to disappoint you, but that font is hard to read. If you want to use it as professional portfolio, I suggest using a different font.

Awesome start! :clap:

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Hi Dr. Shreeman,

Thank you and please don’t apologise! That sort of constructive comments is more than I could ask for - the font was just a quick pick from google! Thank you so much for your time, I will check on others and make some changes.



I agree. Great start.
Good color scheme and basic structure.

You definetly need to learn more about bootstrap if you are going to be successful at using it in your projects.
Check out these tutorials:

If you don’t want to learn bootstrap. Try learning flexbox.

Again good start. :relaxed: Happy coding.

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Thats a super informative video, I certainly see no reason why I shouldn’t learn that. Thank you so much Learning4Earnings! thanks for the feedback too!