Personal Portfolio Webpage (Please Help)

I can’t seem to create an internal link that once clicked, will direct the user to the topic in my webpage. I created the link in my navbar as I always have with previous projects, but I still can’t seem to pass the test. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

the section #content must be far away from the navbar:
I added this:

<!--between navbar and #content-->
<div id="spacer">"


   width: 5px;
   height 1000px;

Ahh man. Thank you so much. I reduced the height from 1000px but it now works. Thank you again!

Hi @michael.mwita01,

In fact you did well about the height, you applied it 100vh. But, just after you defined a padding. Padding add marge between the content of the container and its border, so it affects the size of it. Do you understand the reason why the test fails now?

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Hi @miguelgiacobbe,

Actually, that the content be far away from the navbar or not, the height of the welcome section will stay the same, even it is covered. Soon as you apply the value fixed for the property position at an element, it goes out of the HTML document flow (here the header). Also, it is better to not use div container to create spaces between elements there are others ways, even I think you just relied on what coded @miguelgiacobbe

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thanks for correcting me LucLH!
Sorry michael if I confused you!


It’s really ok @miguelgiacobbe, it is all the interest of sharing thinking and ideas, then discuss about them! :wink:

Yes I do. I’m going to fix it right now. Thank you Luc!

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You’re welcome @michael.mwita01! Maybe I should precise that if you want to apply a padding for the left and the right of the container, it will be fine as it doesn’t affect the height (in case you really want to have intern marges). :slight_smile:

Understood. I’m new to coding so I will have to look up what intern marges are lol. But the rest I get you. Thank you brotha!

I tried to illustrated you a little. No need to tell me, I am an artist I know haha!

Is it clearer or it just made you more confused?

Haha, Michael Angelo bro! But year, the illustration made it easier to understand. Thanks for taking the time.

Such an honor to be compared to Michelangelo, even I could be his teacher if he asked me, few few few years ago! Haha just kidding and you’re welcome @michael.mwita01

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