Personal Portfolio: Welcome Section CSS wont work

Here is the personal portfolio project:

I’m wondering why my “height: 100vh” is not working for my welcome section. Both of these were passing at one point but the height command just randomly stopped working while I was writing ulrelated css for the navbar.


I’m going to hazard a guess that you are failing the test because it expects the page to move when the link is clicked. You don’t have enough page length for a scroll bar, so the test is erroneously failing.

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Noticed this like 2 seconds ago when looking over code lolol, so its really just an issue of my welcome section CSS not working as that would make the page large enough.

Test it again when you have added your second section :slight_smile:

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Realized I had an extra { in my css :clown_face: :clown_face: whoops

I like it! I’m not in that part yet but i can see that it doesn’t have to be so hush.

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In line 14, you call a CSS type -->" "class=“project-tile” ", but i didn’t find in the CSS part of the code an element with that name ( .project-title {} ).

So, what is it doing the line 14 in HTML ?

I’m later going to polish these pages in order to have a website that is less bare, so I kinda put it there as a placeholder / so I could experiment with css while I was writing it. Probably should’ve put that in a comment but I rushed through.