Personal Portofolio - user story #8 fail

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Hey Guys,
I am just not able to solve the 8th user story! And I dont know what it is I am doing wrong. I linked my github and it even opens in a new tab, yet it says I havent completed it.
Please help.

Here is the link:

here is the code:

<section id="profile-link" class="bg-color">
  <div class="profile-link" id="Profile-link">
  <h2>Find me here...</h2>
    <a id="profile-link" href=""  target="_blank" id="profile-link">
      Git Hub</a>

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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Helloooo!!!, if i can help !, first of all you have in the section-id the same id of the link i mean the a element, you can’t have two elements with the exact same id because the HTML read it from head to bottom, that’s the hint ;), try to find out if that is the problem gl !

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Two elements cannot have the same id, and the section that contains your link has the id of “profile-link”, so the test sees that first and they see that it’s not a a tag.

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Omg thank youuu! I am finally done after dayss :smiley:

Thank you so much!

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