Personal project feedback please

[My Parents](file:///C:/Users/LENOVO/OneDrive/Desktop/Coding/index1.html)
Can someone take a look at this and tell me if it passes the first HTML-CSS project, thank you!

Maybe be you should create an account on CODEPEN and save your code there. People will be able to see it then.

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You need to upload your code just like
MrBondx said use codepen

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@Bashar3, only you have access to your computer.

Any of the projects that you complete have to be posted somewhere live. That will be the URL that you submit for the completed project and that will be the URL that you give here if you want feedback on your project.

In the project instructions there is a link for you to fork the FCC pen using codepen. You will need to have created an account on codepen prior to forking.
When you fork the pen the FCC test suite will be there. You will be able to run that to see if you’ve met and passed the required user stories.

If you don’t want to use codepen you’re welcome to use another such as codesandbox,, GitHub pages, etc. If you decide on one of these options you’ll need to copy the CDN link in the instructions so you’ll have the FCC test suite.