Personal Website + Resume Feedback

Hello all,

I am still completing everything here at free code camp but I have finished my personal website and resume to start submitting to employers. Before I do so, I would like some feedback and opinions of my website and resume layouts.

Link to Website:
Link To Resume(which you can download from my website): My Resume

Also, here is the link to my CodePen where I built my resume: Code Pen Resume

Thanks for the help everyone!


It’s a very pretty website! Well done!

I know that a lot of people use the bars to illustrate their proficiency in different languages, but I must say that I think it is a little wierd to try to quantify your abilities like that. So I probably wouldn’t do it that way, but I am sure more experienced programmers will have a more informed opinion on that.


Thanks for the feedback!

Very nice website!..

… except you just told your prospective employer you don’t know stuff very well.
Get rid of these progress bars. You saying you know something 80% is useless… 80% of what? By whose standard?
If you want to spice it up and look nice, just use their logos.

On the “Other Projects” section, do the clickable buttons (HTML, JS, CSS, etc) do anything?

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Thanks @owel for the feedback, I agree with what you are saying. I think now that you and the other user mentioned it, it does make sense not to short yourself before you even start. I will replace them with the logos from the languages I know like you mentioned. I do like that idea

As for the other things in my other projects, the circle buttons such as html, css, react, etc. don’t do anything at all. The titles if you click on them go to the respective github repository.

With regards to UI, the cursor changed to a pointer, plus it has that hover effect, and it looks like a button… so it gives the impression that it’s clickable… then nothing happens.

I’d probably not change the cursor to a pointer, and get rid of the hover effect if they are not clickable buttons.


Ok great suggestions, will do. Would give an impression that something is “broken”

Really nice piece of work. The design is super slick and professional. Just a few ideas for improvements:

  • one image is 1.2MB - needs optimizing
  • put web projects above work experience (maybe just leave that on your CV?)
  • get all the projects deployed

@arw2015 Oh ok awesome, will check into it. I thought I got them all down less than 300kb but I will check into it.

Good idea about the order of my website. Makes sense. I will swap them around. All solid ideas.

As far as deploying them, I will deploy as many as I can. Is it considered bad practice to use github pages to deploy?

For a front end dev, I don’t think it matters much where you deploy. But if you get into Node and writing basic servers, Heroku is a great option.

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Yea I am learning Heroku and Node right now actually. Just didn’t want to add it to my skills yet until I fully grasp it.

Truly appreciate the help @arw2015

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I love the color scheme and the layout. The only thing I would change is to remove or change the proficiency bars. Great work. Very inspired.

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Hey @DanielJBailey I love the design of your website. It is clean and professional. I am a beginner in web development and I cannot suggest many changes but, I will like to know what library or tool did you use to convert the web page resume into pdf ? I have always used websites like to prepare my resume but I want to design one of my own like yours…

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Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it! I actually just coded the resume using HTML/CSS then just printed the page to pdf. I didn’t use any special programs or anything.

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Feedback on your website:

  1. Looks great, but the W3C Validator is reporting a lot of errors on it that you should fix. Google PageSpeed Insights is also reporting some low scores on it, particularly on Desktop (!).
  2. Have to echo the sentiment that your progress bars need to go. I get why so many people do that, but it’s really just not a good look for anyone—just list the stuff you know well.
  3. Your skills need to be properly filled out and capitalized, like “jQuery”, “Node.js”, “Babel.js”, and “GitHub”.
  4. Your base font is on the small side and a bit hard to read because of that, which isn’t great for UX. It’d be better to make that 16px/100%/1em.
  5. I noticed a lot of inline styles that you should try to coalesce either into a style tag or an external CSS file instead.

Feedback on your resume:

  1. Um, is all that printable on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper? Because it doesn’t quite seem like it, and you should make it easy to print in case an HR person does end up printing it.
  2. I feel like you could re-word your work experience using numbers to make a stronger impact (if you were the AVP of a bank, is there something you could put in terms of dollars saved, for example?). Also, the phrase “responsible for” is something that I always see being recommended to avoid.
  3. I noticed that your wording isn’t in the present tense—was that a conscious choice? Seems like the resume would highly benefit from present-tense wording and make it “sound” more engaging.
  4. The line “For more less relevant experience, check out my LinkedIn profile” has some confusing wording there that requires a second reading to understand, and actually ends up diminishing your resume when you say “less relevant experience”. I’d suggest deleting that line for that reason.
  5. “Curr” needs to be replaced with “present”, it was totally unclear what that word was at first. Also, the double vertical bars should be replaced with a single vertical bar—visually they don’t help with separation and make it look clunky.
  6. You need to double-check your spelling, punctuation, and capitalization throughout the resume, as I noticed a fair number of errors.
  7. The star ratings on your skills should be deleted, as they really don’t help you and might actually end up hurting you—what’s the point of mentioning Java and Node when they’re only 2 stars? Do you expect to be hired using either of them? If you want to be hired for a position where you’d use Node, that’s definitely not going to help you.
  8. Some of the tools mentioned don’t really add much value to your resume. Bash, Adobe CS, and MS Office, seriously? Most people can figure out how to use them within 10 minutes, and even adding Bash isn’t doing anything to make you stand out. Play up that Sketch mention—what have you done using Sketch?
  9. I’d recommend reformatting your layout to top-down and to dispense with the columns. Columns don’t work nicely with the automated systems that large companies use because they only scan top-down and not left to right, which could cause your contact info, Education, and Skills to get stripped out. Better to not have to deal with that potential issue.
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Thanks for the info… I will definitely create mine using HTML CSS too… Will definitely post it here when it is ready…

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Personal-website: Design-wise, it is minimal but beautiful.
Project-wise on the website, if it is project from bootcamp module, I would recommend create a new repo just for the source code and project. I have projects from module but personally I think it looks less professional to have all learning outcome on
Lastly, I reckon projects are more important than previous irrelevant work experience for future employers.
I am also building a portfolio for applying for jobs. Thanks for great idea.


Look forward to seeing it man. Good luck!

Definitely appreciate the feedback. And that does make sense about putting a different Readme instead of what the bootcamp had. I will look into that as well