Feedback on Personal Portfolio Site

Hey all! Looking for feedback on my personal portfolio site. Currently looking to transition into a full-time web developer role.



I think its very impressive mate, definitely puts mine to shame.

The only thing can think of is having a download of your resume more available, maybe in the menu bar.

I reckon you’ll have a handful of offers if you have good interviews. Nice

Thanks for the feedback! The resume thing is a great idea! I think I will do that.

I’ve had no interviews yet - I think I get quickly filtered out due to a lack of CS background… thanks for the encouragement! Good luck to you, as well.

Very Nice. You did a very good job with the design and content. Good luck on your journey!

Thanks for taking the time to look. And thanks for the encouragement!

well done brother! I like it

Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to look!

that’s unfair and sad I wish you good luck, the site is great :wink:

Thanks for the kind words!


Very impressive. Very good designing, colors and fonts (sizes), etc…

Really eye-catching!

Good luck on your journey

Thank you for the feedback and for taking the time to comment!

It’s clear you have great design skills based on your site and the various projects, but you should be checking your work against the W3C Validator and Google PageSpeed Insights. Especially the latter, which is reporting low scores:

Hey, thanks for showing me this resource! Good to know, I’ll work on those changes.

Very nice!

I’m having trouble envisioning my own personal site (I’m not super creative and design wise well…) but you did give me an idea with the separation of projects- I like the idea of “small projects” section.

Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

@Ducky It can definitely be intimidating having to come up with your own design, it certainly was for me. I took Jonas Schmedtmann’s Advanced CSS course on Udemy (link) to make sure my CSS skills were up to the task (great course btw).

After that I just googled ‘web developer portfolio examples’ and I found some cool-looking projects (most way above my skill level) that at least gave me some good ideas. I also don’t feel naturally creative but I just get inspiration from other, more creative people and try not to obsess too much over whether the design is “perfect”.

Good luck to you, as well! Thanks for taking the time.

Hello Ben,

Really nice website. You have done really Impressive job.

Just one thing that I wanted to ask, if you considered making navigation bar fixed. You know kind of like this: (

All the best for your job search. :slightly_smiling_face:

I love it! Looks really nice and simple.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to look and leave feedback! I will think about the fixed nav bar - you might be right!:thinking:

@cheatmealcoach Thanks for taking the time to look and comment! I appreciate it.

I really like the design! The only suggestion I have is changing “I got skills” to something with more standard English like either “I’ve got skills” or “I have skills”. Overall, very nice though!