Phantom characters in my codepen

Hello everyone, I am having a very strange problem on codepen.
I am creating a page but whenever I view it in full screen there is a


At the top of the page that I can’t find in my code! It’s right at the top and if pushing down my title, being incredibly noticeable.
Is there something I am missing here?

sooo i hit tidy and analyze to check and it went away

just repeated this method 3 times to make sure, on the HTML side do that and see it go away

I tidy’d the HTML 4-5 times and I am still getting the error.

hit analyze. see it works :slight_smile:

I did. It is not there in editor mode but in full screen mode it is still there.
Thanks for trying anyway

@Imstupidpleasehelp The problem is you put an html link element in the Add Class(es) to <html> section of the HTML module. Instead, that element should be placed in the Stuff for <head> section.

That was the problem! Thank you.