Some problems with Codepen

Hey guys,

Everytime if I want to change something in the HTML or CSS box in Codepen. My whole picture fades away.
What am I doing wrong?

Can you post a link to your Codepen project?

Does it come back after it fades away? It should just refresh and come back.

It won’t refresh. It fades away and doesn’t come back…

There are some mistakes in your HTML which might be causing the problems. Try clicking “Analyze HTML” from the dropdown menu at the upper right of the HTML editor.

Try finding and fixing the errors. I am going out right now, but when I come back I can help you find some of the errors.

Thank you for showing me the “Analyze HTML”. That is really an eye opener for me :slight_smile:

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I still have one mistake, if I put in the run tests and one in the CSS " Unexpected unknown property “marging”

Can you see, what the mistake is?

the correct property is margin
the error is exactly above the red line

see if you can figure out the other one

Thanks I fixed that ieahleen.

But, with the run test I still have a mistake :slight_smile:

The only test you are failing now is #7. This is what the error says:

The target attribute should be set to “_blank”, in order for the link to open in a new tab : expected ‘blank’ to equal '_blank’

Do you see what your mistake is?

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Yes!! You fixed it!!!

Thanks so much!!