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From my research, back-end devs make more than front-end devs but what about the type of cyber security jobs that you can get with a FCC education? Also is it a bad idea to jump from one certification to another out of order? I took Google Career Certificates fundamentals of IT support and they made a point of making sure you did everything in order; is it like that here?

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The certifications are listed in order of recommendation. I think you should go at your own pace, and see what feels right.

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FreeCodeCamp goes over some basics of security for what is primarily taught, which is MERN stack web development. So you will learn a few aspects of securing your code, but it wont get you a cyber security job by itself.

Yes and no.

The curriculum is essentially split in half. Where the first half is MERN stack web development. The 2nd half is Python focused stuff for learning the basics of data-science.
There’s also “study prep” materials at the bottom.

You could also skip/split parts of the curriculum depending on what you want to focus on, but things do somewhat build on each other within each “half”.

You could totally skip the first half and focus on Python and not really have much problem except you might be assuming you know some programming from before.

Or you could not do any of the Python stuff and focus on the web development courses and JavaScript focused study prep.

So yes there is some flexibility, but also some things that “build ontop of each other”. Within each cert section you should more or less stay in order though.

This is generally true as back-end is more important to get right than the front-end. However getting a job as a front-end is usually easier as an entry-level. So I’d make sure to aim for that if your goal is to get a job down the line. You can learn about the back-end and understand full-stack, but your front-end skills will be the primary path into getting a position.

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