Places to look for work

Hello, as i’m currently looking for remote work i’ve gathered quite a few job listing websites and i thought it’d be nice to have a post with this kind of info.
As people post more resources i’ll update the list.


Remote work resources:




upwork used to be know as (UK based)

Thanks for this list :slight_smile:

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Nice list. I came across

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List updated with posted links. Also bump.


Post updated with

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It seems i can’t edit the post any longer. However, here are two more resources:

Awesome! Thanks for posting this. If you have any experiences from applying, interviewing, or finding a remote position, please share! I’m very interested in pursuing this as well.

I did some interviews for front end positions, but since then i decided to switch to computer science and gave up on front end development.

But you shouldn’t have problems finding companies that look for front end remote developers, codepen and stack overflow both have excellent job opportunities.

Cool cool I’ll keep that in mind. What do you mean by switch to CS? Do mean CS major or trying to learning programming and CS on your own?

Learning on my own, online resources similar to FCC, except for CS.

New entry:

Would you mind sharing those resources?

I posted them here

Just a suggestions Cybercoders has seemed to be nothing but a recruiters spamm mill.
Or atleast thats the experience I had with them, Nothing but spam and recruiters that dont follow through with scheduled interviews…

also Returns error 404, Nothing there anymore it seems

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