Websites where to find WordPress Developer jobs?

I am finding few WordPress dev jobs online, I am currently living in London, UK

which websites show WordPress dev jobs?

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I just entered in google wordpress developer jobs in London, UK and found around 50 job listings. You just have to see which are the most popular job listing sites where you live and search each one. If you are not finding a lot of jobs in your area then there just might not be a lot of people looking for wordpress developers at the moment


I did that obviously and most jobs are the same job posts repeated

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Then there might not be jobs for wordpress at the moment.


I don’t think it’s the most in demand area right now, but try LinkedIn and Indeed.

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I found the right places where WordPress developer jobs are advertised (WP is a very popular CMS and that is an undeniable fact):

  • asked a guy how he got his new job in web dev (I met him at a developer meetup months ago ) and we connected on LinkedIn during the meetup. he told me he got this job via OTTA

and I found so many others

also I recently updated my LinkedIn profile with links to my GitHub account and Portfolio and yesterday a non-tech recruiter contacted me and I had a phone call with him this morning and he sounded very interested and I would have gone to the next round of interview if I spoke fluent French but I do not

Regardless I thanked him and I added him to my network and he told me he is going to let me know when other similar jobs show up as long as they don’t involve talking about code in French with other developers in the team :sweat_smile:

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool

This is my 2nd phone call I have done with a recruiter after they messaged me saying I was a good fit for them. I noticed that when I put that i was open to work, no recruiter contacted. Without “open to work” and just being a bit active on LinkedIn I got so far about 5 recruiters reaching out to me and that flatters me and gives me a nice upper hand that I enjoy :partying_face: :money_mouth_face:

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What websites are you using to hunt for jobs?

Using Indeed I find a decent amount of WordPress jobs

WIth remote being more normalised, perhaps look for something outside London too which allows remote?

That said, many jobs also want React/Vue/Angular on top of WordPress


working on WP tutorials on youtube by freeCodeCamp to clear my mind on how developing WP themes from scratch or from html template works (most job postings about WP mention this and also plugin development)

then I will put these live projects on my portfolio (they are 2 or 3), with other projects relating to WP made by me 100% but full web dev projects take time for the inspiration and creation process and you can’t rush genius :sweat_smile:

also working on a udemy course that has some React too in it a chapter or two i did not dive into yet and I was stuck on something but I will sort it out

the teacher did not reply to the question in that lecture and it has been a week so I need to fix it myself i hoped the teacher would have made it easier though

yes definitely one of the recruiter was proposing a web dev job and going to the office in London twice a week (including some Saturdays too). don’t web devs work Monday to friday with a normal 9am-5pm ?

I definitely would prefer working from home, no stress and more time to myself

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