Using wordpress to get started?

Hey everyone. I am seeking advice about working with wordpress. As there is not many web development jobs in my area and most freelance stuff is wordpress.
Has anyone here worked with it? Was it worth it?
And what website is best for cheap web hosting?
Thank you for your time.


Some pros I think would help:

  • WordPress is very popular, hence You can find jobs remotely all around the world.
  • The API is really easy to understand, in contrast to, for example, Drupal which is way more complicated.
  • Has a big community where you will be able to get help (from programmers).
  • Has a lot of templates and plugins, which can make your job easier (this can also be a con).
  • Most importantly, you say most of the freelance jobs in your area are for wordpress developers, so this should be a pro.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:.

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If you want to learn more about Wordpress, has a bunch of articles about the topic (some more intro, some more specific/advanced).

Check 'em out if you want to get an idea of what you’d be getting into (just type in Wordpress to the search bar in the upper left).

Hope that helps a bit!


Everything @skaparate has said. Plus, my entire career is based on WordPress. I started using it when I needed a website for my business and actually learned all my web development skills from there. So, I’d definitely recommend you get into if there are available jobs in your area.

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I don’t think web developers find WordPress tough because such kind of CMS are very easy to use even for people with zero experience about web development. However, WP is a great way to start a website for both beginners and experienced people. Your question is also about hosting and I would recommend you to go with the quality hosting sites like GoDaddy, Hostinger and HostGator. I have personally used Hostinger and found the service very good with shared hosting plan. Also would recommend you to not to go with very basic plans. Because such plans are only good for one page sites.

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