Please check out portfolio and tribute page and tell me what you think!

Hello everyone! I’m wondering if everyone could check out my personal portfolio and get some feedback and critique on it. Anything will be greatly appreciated. I’m relatively new to coding, so I’m enjoying these challenging projects so far.

Here’s the link:

You can also check out my vanilla tribute page of the New Orleans Saints by clicking on it in the portfolio.

Thanks fellow coders!

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Looks good so far!

In your contact section, your github link doesn’t work.

Happy Coding!

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Thanks for the heads up!! I thought I tested the links, but apparently I didn’t test the GitHub one. Fixed thanks to you!

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Looks great.

If you could change background color or scheme for portfolio section it might look even better.
Currently it looks little dull.

You can remove “Check back often as more projects will be added.” section as I don’t think it is needed.
Also rephrase/redesign contact me section.

All the best !!!

looks great but I find the background image in the contact section a might over-powering. Maybe use something a little less busy, or reduce the opacity so it doesn’t jump out at you quite so much. Also I suspect my window isn’t as wide as yours as the contact buttons wrap (which is fine) but there’s no vertical space which looks a little ugly.

All great pieces of critique so far. Thanks for the info. I will definitely use them to make my page better.

Loved this. All of your pics tie into your ME background. Works well functionally. People are going to have suggestions based on their likes but if you like how it looks and it fits you then remember “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Good job. I would fix the broken link and call it a day.

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True. But, it’s always good to hear what people have to say about your work.