Please criticize my LinkedIn profile and my portfolio site

Thanks everybody for taking the time to have a look and give me feedback! It’s all very helpful to know what impression i am making with my online presence. :slight_smile:

Also, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like. Never hurts to have connections!

That sucks. Can you get a VPN? I think there are some free ones out there too.

Yeah that’s what i meant, by the way you can use one of these (Link1 Link2) to indicate that there is more content underneath.

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Ah, ok. Yeah, I get it. If the gap were bigger, it would probably be more obvious that it was on purpose. I can see how someone would look at this and think I made a mistake. lol. Thanks for the feedback.

Ok, here’s my critique.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a requiter, I don’t work in the industry, I started to learn programming a year ago, so I’m just an average Joe passing by.

I don’t know much about linkedin profiles (I created dummy one just to check yours) so I’ll focus on your portfolio.

You start with a bold claim ‘full service website and web app development’, but then your portfolio section shows only six very simple projects.

Your ‘about me’ is confusing:
1. It can’t be skimmed, you must read line by line - 'Ain’t nobody got time for that’
2. You can’t assume that everybody who will look at your portfolio will be familiar with JavaScript.
3. Finally, if someone familiar with JS will look at your code he won’t be impressed: firstName and lastName values are missing quotes, learnOpportunity === true should be written as learnOpportunity etc.

I understand that it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but I would stick to plain text as a default.

Then ‘contact me’.

Your linkedin profile says:

I’ve completed the Front End Developer Certification, which concentrated on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, APIs and AJAX.

but none of your projects use jQuery or Bootstrap (ok, you use getJSON(), but that’s it, and you linked Bootstrap in your twitch app, but never used, did you?).

If I’member correctly, you redid your projects using vanilla HTML/CSS/JS, but someone looking at your portfolio don’t know that.

Your twitter. You should at least follow people and channels involved in industry, e.g. @BrendanEich, @dan_abramov, @LeaVerou just to name few. Or just remove link to your twitter.

Your GitHub. Really? Your linkedin shows GitHub as one of your skills. You haven’t used it at all. Last activity mid September.

Conclusion. You claim that you are passionate Front End developer, but I can’t see passion, I can’t see front end development - you don’t follow anybody on twitter, you don’t post your projects on github, your youtoube channel is not related to programming (and last video was eight months ago). From your portfolio I can see that this forum is only place where you are somewhat active, but this is forum for beginners so…

Ok, you did a blogpost two weeks ago, but there should be at least one such post a week documenting your learning, your struggle with your side projects etc. Show passion.

I tried to be gentle :slight_smile:. If I sounded harsh it’s because I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes my expressions lack eloquence.

P.S. Kudos to you for your YouTube channel, 37k is impressive for a language learning channel.

Maybe try this and blog about it, tweet about it, push to GitHub every day. Show passion:

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This is what I am seeing. Note, I am logged in but not a premium member.

Connect request sent.

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I really like your “View English Bio” section. Maybe for a change, you could try some other text when it comes to the initial view instead of “Rich higher…”. And, when menu up top are clicked, a transition animation would be nice, you know!

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I’ve never hired anyone and Im just getting started in programming but your profile and portfolio seems good. Informative, nice aesthetics and we’ll written. I sent you a connect request hopefully me or one of my contacts can help you.

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You need to cut down on your summary. take away these sections.

–Why you should hire me–
–My personality —

The first part makes you sound desperate, while the second part isn’t needed. Employers generally stalk your social media handles like Twitter and Facebook to get a feel about your personality. So this might be a good time to be active on either one of them.

Go straight to the point. e.g I’m a talented individual with list your skills…

I’d suggest you add some connections, as the time of this writing, you have 43!. LinkedIn recommends a minimum of 500 connections.

Join more LinkedIn groups! (minimum of 5) and follower some" Linkedin Influencers". It adds more content to your profile page.

I’m still learning when it comes to creating a good LinkedIn profile, but why not take a look at mine. Should give you some good ideas :smiley:

Good luck buddy.

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Hi GitCoderr,

Great work putting the portfolio together. I particularly liked the JS resume.

But I just want to say this about your project links. To me, the way you describe the projects is much too informal, and you present yourself as a student. I would be much more focused on the engineering side. What languages did you use and why? The people who read and evaluate this will be engineers. They want to know about your technical skills. Above all, you need to provide links to a Github profile so people can actually see your code.

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Thanks for pointing that out Johnny. I had my photo visible only to my network for some reason. Don’t remember doing that but anyway, now it should be visible to everyone. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the connect too!

Lots of good comments to consider here. Thanks all for taking the time to look at my profile and website and write about them! :slight_smile:

I’ve changed my LinkedIn a bit. Deleted some stuff from the summary and moved some of it around. Put a little blurb up top, followed by my experience and skills and then personality and life experiences. It’s still very much a work in progress and I’ll likely be changing things again several more times before I settle on a version that I’m really happy with.

Also made a couple of corrections that were pointed out. Thanks for that!

I’m going to have to consider all the advice very carefully and decide which direction to go in. There are polar opposite opinions regarding certain things and it’s not always easy to choose which way to go with it. haha. But all of it is very much appreciated as it’s good to know all viewpoints!

That is a very thoughtful reply.

Hi GitCoderr,

I think your profile is very good however your summary looks a bit ruff. The way that I created mine was to see the profiles from people that have the my dream role, take away the feel, style, and overall impactfullness of the writing and used that to shape my summary. I would also suggest that you use bulleted lists instead of a paragraph to describe the different aspects of each role in your experience section.

I like the resume (the introduction starts like a story, which is a little different and likely to grab some interest) and the portfolio. Don’t really have much to add other than what others have already said. I agree with most of the nice things. Good luck and keep us updated on how it goes. I’ll send you a connect request on LinkedIn.


  • Your photo is too much cropped on the left side. Check the 1/3 rule of photography. The golden spiral might work as well. Nice shot by the way.
  • Highlight that you are a “Japan Expert”, e.g. as the headline.
  • Highlight your youtube career. I mean you are the guy who is able to talk to audience …
    => “Web Developer - Japan Expert - Youtuber”

Just checking in:
How is the LinkedIn working for you? Have you had any bites? I’m still doubtful about the usefulness of a LinkedIn profile, and so am hoping that you are having better luck.