Please criticize my LinkedIn profile and my portfolio site

So as some of you know from one of my recent posts, I’m actively looking for a job now. Thing is, I’m new to LinkedIn and I haven’t had to craft a resume for many, many years. I’ve read plenty of advice on how to do so, but it’s all fairly general and there’s no way to know if the way I personally did it is good until someone looks at it and criticizes it.

So, if you have a minute or two to kill, I’d love to get your feedback on my LinkedIn profile and tell me what you think, good or bad. How good do you think it is right now as is? Are there any “OMG, you NEED to add/change/delete this”? Anything you love/hate about it? Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my portfolio. I look at it and of course, I like it, but how does it look for job hunting? Part of me keeps nagging that it doesn’t look “slick” enough. That it may be a bit too casual and that I should make it look a bit more formal and add a bit of pizzazz. What do you think?

My LinkedIn:
My portfolio:



I don’t really know anything about LinkedIn, so I can’t really comment. But I figured one more connection couldn’t hurt your chances, so I sent a request to buddy up :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good idea to me! Thanks.

I think both your linkedin and portfolio looks great :slight_smile: It looks very professional. But one thing I might suggest is to narrow down what you wrote on the linkedin summary.

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Thanks for taking the time to look and give me feedback @mercyg. :slight_smile:

I also think the summary is a bit long but I don’t know what to cut out! Any suggestions?

@GitCoderr on your relevant experience section you could add the link of your project to LinkedIn so, in that way you could cut some sentences from the experience section. I hope this helps:)

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I would make your background image fit screen size and make better overlay on your projects. You can make your own animation very easily here and just implement it. Your linkedin looks just fine for me, anyways that’s it good luck! :slight_smile: .

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I think personal portfolio is quite alright. I think that the English to JSON bio was a really nice touch. :+1:


Your LinkedIn looks A-OK to me - maybe shorten up the bio, but I enjoyed reading it. I second getting the image on your portfolio to fit the screen better, but I found the JSON version fo your bio to be pretty clever, Shot you over a request on Linkedin because new connections never hurt anybody :slight_smile:

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Your Linkedin is great.
Your website is OK.

You need to improve a little your code in “About Me” by spacing the information. I have developer Eyes but you need spacing can help your reader to have some separation between your information.
And javascript code can be spacing a little Return in Line can’t hurt the code.

And I think you need to improve your navigation web. Not very well in mobile.

Anyway, Well done, very interesting.


This looks great! I would switch the About and Portfolio sections on your website. The JSON bio is really creative, and I would put it front and center! Good luck!


I looked at the LinkedIn profile, but not the portfolio. I think your resume is quite good overall. The strongest area is your summary up top. The stuff from certifications onward lost my attention quickly.

But if it were me you’d already be on my interview second look stack based on the summary. I particularly like the focus of the ‘why you should hire me’. I very quickly move on from resumes that focus on the job seeker’s objectives instead of my need(s) for things they can get done. This section shows me that while you know who you are what you want it’s what you’ll contribute that makes all the difference. I would have liked to see more focus on your capabilities in this section. It’s great to know about your attitude, but it’s also important to tell me what you can do.

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now i spotted that the government blocked linkedin in our country :unamused:

Hi Sylvian,

Firstly, well done for a great looking Portfolio page. I’ve tried out a couple of your apps and they are well made. I’m not sure if you should say “completed, in my opinion, fairly impressive versions of the Simon game app and calculator app projects”.
Maybe, just state that these were your favourite challenges instead.
It reminds me of Ron Burgundy saying “I’m kind of a big deal”. :wink:

What strikes me about Linked in though is where is your picture? You have the same picture on your other social media links so I would use that rather than nothing.

On Twitter you could put a little more description about yourself and what you do. I saw a video on Social media and it says use the maximum characters available to sell yourself and stay on message. You have done a very good summary on Linked in and if you want more endorsements I would be happy to link with you.


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Hey! I’m a newbie and was very impressed by your Portfolio site (that is my current project FCC!), but I caught a typo in your English bio: “I’ve been programminig in my spare time ever since I was a teen.” It’s minor, but since you state that you currently teach ESL and run a site dedicated to learning English, I thought it might be a detail that could stick out to prospective employers.

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Isn’t the bg image fitting your screen? It does on mine (tested PC, tablet and phone). Or maybe I’m not understanding what you mean. I’ve got the CSS set to:

background-position: center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: cover;
height: 95vh;

Oh, haha. I just realized now that you might be referring to the height not being 100%. Is that what you mean? I did 95% to give an indication to users that there was more to scroll down for but if it looks bad or looks like a mistake (even if it isn’t), maybe I should change it.

Thanks for the connect!

LOL. Yeah, I can see how that might come across. Thanks for pointing it out. Fixed.

Re: picture, it’s right there on my profile. You can’t see it? Is anyone else having this problem of not being able to see it?

As for linking, yeah, please do! :slight_smile:

Whoa, nice catch, thanks!!