Portfolio Review/Resume Review

Hello everyone!

I need some feedback on my portfolio and my resume. I haven’t been getting any callbacks from jobs and have been applying since the summer.


My Github


My Portfolio


My Resume

If you guys want to know my coding story:

A Little more about me

Any constructive feedback is fine. Be as Ruthless as you want, I can take it :smiley:

Thank you guys again!

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Just looking at the resume for now:

  • Needs a LinkedIn profile link.
  • Your website and GitHub links should be clickable.
  • Your sections are in the wrong order. I’d recommend: Skills, Projects, Experience, Education.
  • Any work you’re currently doing should be written in the present tense, and not past tense.
  • You’re repeating your technical skills too much across different sections.
  • You need to “high-level” all of your written text. It’s bogged too much in technical details, and you’re not writing anything unique or impressive. Focus on writing down achievements and business problems solved. Literally writing down exactly what you’re doing is not going to convince anyone to hire you.
  • You don’t need to “date” your projects, and they should all have clickable links provided to deployed versions.
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HI @ClaudioBardales !

Here are my thoughts. :grinning:

For me, whenever the portfolio site loads, it first shows the raw html then the finished site.
I would look into that and fix that.

For the cleaning website, you said you made it for a small business but when I visit the site, it just shows a lot of lorem ipsum.
That kind of confused me.
I wasn’t sure if this was a practice project or a job for a client.

For the pets website, I would build out the cart functionality.
Right now it is just coming off as a design project but I think adding in some functionality will make it stronger.
I would also include the add to cart functionality too.

Hope that helps!

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I have been trying to fix that for a while now. I can’t find anything on it. I know that I initially had trouble deploying my portfolio with netlify since I am using gatsby at the time.

The client didn’t add any images to their website yet, but I will add better placeholders and actual text other than lorem ipsum and circles :rofl:

This project was initially was a take home project for an open position at my previous job, I was thinking about adding a cart on there as well. I will add on there to make it stronger. Thank you for the feedback!

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Thank you for your feedback!

I will get on it and edit my resume and do a re post to see if it’s good or not if that’s okay with you?

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Sure, that’d be fine.

I applied to a bunch of jobs at indeed, but I used the quick apply feature. I heard that was bad is that true?

The content overall looks fine, but it seems to be missing structure and formatting. For instance, you should try taking the content in the resume and categorizing them. Put your personal info including name, major role, contact info etc at the beginning and separate it cleanly from your skills. As for skills, instead of hard and soft skills, try making a single line of skills that you excel at. Follow that with all the skills categorized to be understandable. For instance : under programming, put programming languages, under data management, put data managers, likewise for frameworks etc. Follow this with your experiences with the same format applied recursively i.e. name of company/project, skills used and then experiences there.
I’ve had prior experiences with cleaning up resumes and CVs at Optymize, a freelancer platform and the people there do know what they are talking about. You can always try for a consultation there and if you join, they’ll do this for you.

Hey i checked out your giphy project and you will want to avoid hardcoding api keys into your projects. You could also consider breaking your main file into smaller components to show your understanding of cleaner component composition. cheers

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Depends on the key, e.g. Google maps api key is secured in the google dev console rather than storing the key in a .env file, perhaps the giphy api is the same?

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Got it. I’m not too sure how to separate them into components because i don’t know if you need to use props to pass the rendered data.

Thank You for the feedback!

Honestly I wanted to store the API key into a ENV file, but I thought it would be a small project so they wouldn’t pay any mind. But I will now. Thank you for the feedback!

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