Please - Criticize My Tribute Page

###Hello FCC World!

This is my first post and it’s about my first webpage.
The plan was to stick to the example’s structure, only changing a few cosmetic stuff, also I tryied to stay way from relying to much on css and kept a bootstrap only policy. I would be very grateful if you could give me some feedback on my code.

Thank you very much!

Nice job. I think the pink is a little to bright for ME but I think it still looks great. here is mine


Congrats, and welcome @ogmco! Thanks for posting your project.

It’s a great start. I agree with @drbe4t that the pink is overpowering, but it’s certainly eye-catching!

My main comment is that whilst you kept your CSS file to a minimum, you’ve really only done that by putting styling directly into the HTML. That is considered bad practice. There’s nothing wrong with using Bootstrap and CSS together so go ahead and pull all that styling out into its own file. You’ll feel much better :grin:.

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I like Heinlein myself, great tribute. Like the post before, it is common, and correct, practice to include your CSS separately. Doing it the way you did is how web pages were designed long ago. And I actually like the color scheme!

Hey guys, thank you for the feedback.
The code looks indeed a bit messy, I’ll try to put all that styling on a different file.