Tribute Page - Asking for Feedback

Hi everyone!!

Hope you’re all well! :sparkles:

I would appreciate your time if you would share your feedback (either praise or criticism) about my tribute page. I will definitely be happy with criticism, it will help me!

If you want to view the tribute page with images of higher resolution, click here.

Thanks in advance,


It looks very nice, and there isn’t much I can complain about in your code. Good job.

I like that your code is very organized and easy to read - this is a very important habit that some people ignore in the beginning.

The one thing that did catch my eye in your CSS thought was this kind of thing:

  padding: 3em 15vw 3em 15vw;

The same thing can be written as:

  padding: 3em 15vw;

Where the first number is for the vertical directions and the second is for the horizontal.

The other thing from a UX perspective is that you’ve messed with the styling of the links. People have been trained that “blue with an underline a link”. When you take that away, they don’t know that it’s a link. They have to hover over them to find out what they are. My philosophy is that if it doesn’t look like a link, it should at least look like a button. But some people may disagree with that.

But still, nice work. Have fun on the next project.


It looks really nice Good job! just one thing that i noticed when i resized the window to a small size, the last image was srolling over to the header you should maybe increase the z-index of header so nothing comes on top of it.

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Nice work out there, responsive as well, I would suggest you to fix the alignments of texts using padding. Also, you should give a try to css frameworks too like Bootstrap, Bulma.


Good work bro

Keep it up!

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You’re right, I will need to refactor the CSS.

I appreciate your UX advice because I really needed feedback on that aspect. And I do believe in what you’ve said about links as I see it from the user’s perspective. I will edit them right away.

So thank you very much! :sparkles:

Thank you!! I definitely work on editing that. :sparkles:

I really appreciate your advice! :sparkles:

Regarding frameworks, for sure learning one of them is in my roadmap.

Thank you. :sparkles:
Surely, I will do so!

It is excellent. That’s all there is to say. Good job and enjoy doing all the projects.

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