Please critique my Tribute Page, first time coder

Any and all critiques, advice, and/or comments more than welcome. Thank you in advance!



This looks pretty good! Personnaly I would change the bg-color and color of text because I find beige and black don’t really have an effect in your favor imho. But I’m also a beginner so :] yeah.
You could google some tribute pages to get inspiration and make your design better.

Nice job on using text-indent property I didn’t even know about it.

Nice job and happy coding,

Thanks so much! I went with the text color and others based of the central image, but I’ll definitely play around with it and check out some others on google.

Thanks again,

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Good job on your tribute page, Ash! I like how your font color is similar to the skin tone in the image. Design-wise, I think a charcoal background would be better than the deep black. Your red links may not have enough contrast with the background and some users might find them hard to read.

Code-wise, <div id="main"> could be replaced with the <main> to make it more semantic. Then, the page could be broken up with <section> elements.

Sorry, it won’t let me add links to resources. Do a search for color theory and one for semantic HTML5

Keep up the great work!

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It was just my opinion. Seems like peter got a better analysis that sounds like what you told me.

Thanks Peter! I’m working on the red links visibility now.


Hey this is a really good project!. The only thing I would change is to add and margin on left and right of the text as it is a bit difficult to read that much text in one line.

Here is a good article I found that explains how to achieve this.

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Awesome! Thanks for the advice. Exactly the type of stuff I need to learn and understand.
Thanks again Jermur