Please feedback on my wikipedia search website

Hello, I would like to know if you can see this website correctly on your devices.
If you find a bug please tell me it.

See the Pen ObONOm by Hatim Sue (@hatimsue) on CodePen.


Seems to be working fine, I tried a couple of searches and it worked perfectly.

As Tobias said, everything is works. I would suggest changing the font-size on the input and also on the results. It would be nice if you could “enter” a search.

@hatimsue I really like it other than the “random articles” text color I would change it to white it will make it easier to read

hello Ben, thanks for your opinion about font-size, I don’t undertand what you whant to say when write " It would be nice if you could “enter” a search". Are you talking about to press return key to do a seach and not only the search button ?

Should have made that more clear. What I meant: If you type something in the search box and then press “enter” it should start to search. So both pressing enter (when the search box is active) and pressing the search button should show the search results.

Hello loopliagiba, I would like to know what color text do you see in the “Random Article” button because I set it white.

@hatimsue I see it as white now

Ok, I tried to do it, but I had to disable this event because( after pressing the return key) the search result is showing for a short time, then the “action” of the form makes that the page be reloaded. I used a php script to do it, but I know that I have to read how to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your time