Please give feedback how can i improve my UX/UI and more

Please review my page here tell me what should i improve.

Thank you

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I’d suggest finishing it. Complete the price cards component and maybe add a footer.

  1. Validate the HTML and correct any errors. For example, you have href attributes on your li elements.

  2. The form is very hard to see and the layout is off. You should also add cursor: pointer to the submit button.

It looks good for real!

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The animation is very fun!

You have more tests to finish, but I’m assuming you just wanted feedback on this particular page. I’m new, too, but had to tell you that I love the animation.

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Hello Mr lasjorg

  1. Without adding href attributes to li element i am unable to pass to all test cases.
  2. By layout off you mean whole page or just the form ??


Yes that is funny. although i couldn’t achieve what i wanted!! lol . leaned something new

Looks good the first section, maybe you can place the baseline of the animation just over the end of that div to remove the floating white space bellow the animation.

You need to work on cards sections and footer to get an overall feedback.

Check your code with html analyze and css analyze built in functions in codepen or use external markup validators.

I suggest font pairing to improve your design.

Nice job, keep going

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Thank you mr andrescaroc. Means Alot.

  1. That is because you have given the nav-link class to the <li> and not the <a> element. Move that class to the <a> element and remove the href from the <li>.

  2. I was just talking about the form. I would increase the width of the input and group the input and button closer together. Personally I’d put them in the same row and have them horizontally side by side.

Personally I’d put them in the same row and have them horizontally side by side.

Yes that would look cool Mr lasjorg. I will change it thanks