Product landing Page - Feedback please

Looks good! Although, you might want to make it responsive for mobile. Some of the containers overlap right now.

Good product selection too!

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Looks really good! Maybe make the toolbar a bit smaller since the header has no space.

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Its pretty nice but their is some minor issues.

  1. That navigation bar is way too big. I would suggest either making it smaller height wise or just leave it at the top of the webpage.

  2. The ‘our recommendations’ card buttons don’t look that good with orange on blue underlined text. I would suggest looking up examples of buttons to see what fits your webpage.

  3. If you want very simple click or on hover imaginations, i would suggest checking out -->

  4. Adding padding/ margins around your card and card content on smaller screens (and the send button):


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I really enjoyed your landing page. I think the page looks professional and you should be proud of your work.

A nice landing page, but would be great some minor improvements like:
Your navigation bar at top can be a bit smaller to let the user see more about content.
The recomendations card button can be more stylized and they are over the div text.
By the way you are using divs just to store a simple text, would be more semantic if you use p tag because you can still adding styles but will be better to improve SEO.

Also you can improve that menu for small screens and mobile.

But your landing page are already beautiful just have to focus to improve that minors details.