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Please can some one help me checkout this product landing page I have completed:

And these too:

Which areas need improvement and how-if possible-since I am still quite new to CSS.

Thank you!

@AfamO First of all, congratulations on completing these projects.

You have made them neatly, considering the fact that you are a beginner. They are very well designed, but as always, you can still make many more improvements.

In the Product Landing Page:

  1. You can Enlarge the text to make it readable. Use different fonts and sizes for heading and normal text to make them attractive.
  2. You can add more beauty to pricing section by enlarging the product name. Add different colours to make it attractive.
  3. You can add many special effects when buttons are hovered upon, like scaling or color change.
  4. The main Title of your page should be attractive and well visible as distinct text. Enlarge it a bit and add a good font.
  5. You can add different background to Navigation bar to make it visible distincly.

for Technical Documentation page:

  1. Your headings and sub sections aren’t clearly visible. Add more colours and fonts to them.
  2. Enlarge your regular text a bit more, it might not be visible to all users.

These changes will make your projects better than ever.
Keep improving them as frequently as you can. No website is perfect. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks alot for taking the time to go through it and your observations.

I appreciate it.

Please could you throw more light to #5 under Product Landing? Do you mean different background-color?

Thank you!

@AfamO Yes, I was telling that if you can add different background color(maybe darker) to navigation bar, it would be distincly visible on the page.

I just saw your project again. The changes you made are impressive and have enhanced the beauty of webpage. You header is too large in the newer code. Making it a little small would be good. And you have added the hovering effectd on buttons, that’s good. But see to it that when you hover over a button, it shouldn’t get too large(1.5 times is ideal).

Try to give some padding (space )to your elements it will be better for your design.
Also for your documentation, avoid horizontal scroll in side bar.

Nice beginning go ahead you’re in the right path

Good luck :clap::clap::clap:

Thank you!

Very good!

Will effect the changes now

Thank you!

Thanks alot.

Will effect the changes too.

Greetings to everyone!

Please I also need feeback for my Portfolio:

Please guys
I am still waiting!

Thank you!