Feedback: Product landing page completed

Hello folks! :grin: I completed the product landing page challenge and I want to share my work. Hope you like it, every feedback is recieved!

Project: Product Landing Page

I do like it, good job! Here are few things I would fix,

Your title text is overwhelmingly huge. Size it down.
Probably better to have input box and get started button side by side.
Try increasing the size of your description paragraphs below your icons.
Give space between your headings and content.
I will also give you this link as a referral.

Good luck!

Thank You very much for your feedback :grin:

I have some problems with the font-size using viewport sizes, I tried to fix them but can you tell me some tips to use them correctly?

Note: The link that you gave me it’s amazing, love it.

Very good! Just my opinion: i would enrich the background a little, it looks a little empty but otherwise good job!
Good luck with your next project an keep up the good work. The important think is you making progress!

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One thing - the font is awful. That’s because you’re using the default font and you never really want to do that.

Change it to anything else, even Arial will make things look much better.

Thanks Adrian, you’re right, I changed it for a whitesmoke color and now it’s looks much better than before :sweat_smile:

About the font - yes, I know that :sweat_smile: I changed it to Helvetica font, hope it looks better.

Thanks for your feedback :grin:

I see that you have used CSS variables which I didn’t think to do. So you taught me something! Good job.

Yes, I usually use them because they help a lot to edit the code, also I readed that they are very common in projects, so i asked myself … why not try to use them?

Thanks for your feedback :grin: