Product Landing Page by Katie

Hello all -
I just finished my landing page project. Do you have any input to make it better? Thanks very much!

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Looks good to me, A more styled header and title would have made it popped more. Maybe animate it a little.

Hi there! You’re product landing page looks great! I am currently working on this project as we speak! I actually caught a grammar error for ya! On the price product lines of each product box the third description is mispelled with an “O”. I also with my own personal opinion to maybe downsize the title box and enlarge the nav-bar and it’s contents a tad! You of course do not have to abide by this, but to rather make it more legible for the users possibly? Also it may be on my end, but your logo/img did not load for me…it might be chrome itself.

Looks good to me. I would just use a different color in the header. It looks a bit drab at the moment.

Thanks for the input! It looks like my images weren’t working! Is it working now?

You did a great job on the layout and the colors. Here are some things that you can change to make it better:

  • When you press one of the links to scroll around the page, they jump instantly. Try assigning the scroll-behavior css command to your html and you body and setting the property to smooth.
  • Try making the colors of you page match the product that you are selling.
  • Usually, instead of writing stuff like first description or description of the nth feature, use Lorem Ipsum text. It was previously taught in freecodecamp’s HTML section. It is used as sample text when making a test site.

Great suggestions! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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