Please give me feedback on my survey

I finished the survey a while ago and forgot to ask for feedback.
Any feedback you may have is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @michel-z, your form looks okay. A few things you may want to revisit;

  • Review this document on the <label> tag
    Pay attention to the ‘Accessibility Concerns’ section and the ‘Headings’ subsection under that. You don’t want your heading to be a label, rather a fieldset with a legend.
  • Also, make it so the user can click on the label, not just the radio button and/or checkbox. You can do away with the paragraph tag when you code your radio buttons and checkboxes as groups.
  • Change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the Submit button
  • An error comes up if the user only puts in one name. The error reads “Please match the requested format” but there is no indication of what that format is. If you require users to put in a first name and last name you can have a required field for each or, give the example in the placeholder text.
  • Take those <br> elements out and use margin and/or padding in CSS to style your form.

There is a responsiveness problem, forms do overflow the blue container at smaller screens. Set a min-width inside #survey-form to fix it :slight_smile:

I addressed your points. Thanks especially for the <label> comment. I was struggling with that at first and at some point I just said ‘good enough’.

The placeholder text actually says “Your full name”, but I’ve changed the label now from “Name” to “Full name” to make sure it’s clear enough.

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Fixed it. Thank you :slight_smile: