Please guide me, is it enough to submit now ? Or can I change some design?

hi @Arzo

good job on your tribute page.

before you submit, first make sure it pass all the test script. as for now there are 2 errors.
after you fixed it, you can submit your work.
and if in the future you want to styling for more, just edit your current pen.


sir , i have sumbit my task already , what i can do now , ? can i change my current code and then resumbit it?
and how to do test script? please reply me here?

to test your code, use the test suite, select your project from the drop down menu, then use the “Run tests” button, and then on the number of passed tests to see which one pass and which one don’t

one more thing , how to make myy test pass if its fail

hi @Arzo

like ieahleen wrote, run the test and tap or click the test number passed in red button, in your case 8/10.

if you clicked it you’ll find the errors. i.e:

  1. The element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.

and read the line below it, for suggestion:

  • Try using the “max-width” style property : expected …

its look dificult to me, dont know how to solve further

hi @Arzo

i will give you an example how to read and fix the image error.

  • first, do what test suggested above :
    Try using the “max-width” style property : expected …
    to your #image max-width:100% instead of width:100%.
  • run the test again, it will throw another error, that suggest to add display property. display:block.
  • rerun the test, and another error will show up, this time it suggest about height.
  • rerun the test again, and fix what the test wanted. about centering the image.

that’s how you read and fix the error test script.


Hi Sobadrdb,
there is no show any error .like you said , it will show up this error this error ,… where it will show ? can you please please guide :frowning:

select your project from the drop down menu in the test suite modal then press “Run the tests”

to see which tests have failed, click on the x/x button that shows the number of passed tests

below each failed user story there is written the error in red

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Thankow ieahleen :slight_smile: please stay here for a moment . i will try ,please stay here

hey ieahleen <3 i got it now ,thank god :slight_smile: thank you thank you .one more thing ? i have already submit my tribute page before test my page , and my page have no passed test. can i resumbit my tribute page again ?

if the link you submitted is the same you are working on, it’s fine like this as it is the link it is saved in your account

if you instead submitted a different link just submit it again

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Thank You so much :slight_smile: <3 stay bless stay happy