Please help me am new what do they mean when they say "your code should have one main element"

please help me am new here what do they mean when they say “your code should have one main element”

There should be one HTML main element.

As an example, this is a div element:

  Stuff inside the element
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okay thanks… please which one is the “main element should have 2 paragraph element as children”

This means that within the main there should be two p elements.

An example of this would be:

    <p> Here's a line of text </p>
       <p> Here's another line of text </p>

thank you very much i have that stage that was giving me headache

please help me out…what is my “page should have an image element”

@Machie you should stick to topic when asking questions. Your one question was answered and you’ve moved on to the next lesson and you’re asking a different question.

The best thing I can suggest at this time is to start from the beginning and learn what constitutes an HTML element. Read each of the lessons carefully and try and understand what they are telling you. There is no hurry to get through the lessons.


It helps to read outside of FCC to make sure you understand the concepts.


I think these are all from the same challenge/project? Not sure (@Machie it helps to provide a link to the challenge you’re stuck on). In any case, they’re all a similar class of questions, so best to keep in one thread IMO.


I looked, the topic question is from

The next question is from the next lesson,
It’s the msg you get when you run the tests but don’t have an image element.

I was only suggesting that @Machie was not quite getting what an HTML element is and since they were only a few lessons in that it may be best to start over.

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please help me out…what is my “page should have an image element”

An element in HTML is something like <div></div> The paragraph element is <p></p>. If the instructions say that “Your page should have an image element,” then you should add the element which adds images.

If you don’t know what an image element is, you can either read the directions more carefully, review the previous lessons as a reminder, or Google it.

For example, if the directions said, “Your page should have a div element containing a button element.” I can google, “What is a button element in html?” The first thing that comes up is this page about the button tag. From there you can figure out that what you need to do is something like this,

    <button>Push me!</button>

These skills are invaluable as a developer. Even once you become very skilled, you still come across things all the time that you need to look up in order to do correctly.