Please help me with this! basic problem

i am learning to code javascript, everything was going great until now , in the learning screen above the three buttons (run the test, reset all code, get help) form where we read all the information and code, in that screen the code overlaps the screen, sorry if i cant explain properly but the text has no problem the text goes on to the new line but the code stays in the same line i have to use the side scroll to see all the code , iam at 90+ chapters of java script all that time the code use to display in lines but now it stays in a same line,
i tried zoom in and out fullscreen, restarted chrome tried different browser still the code stays in a single line in other browser as well,

Can you provide a screenshot, so we can see what you are describing?

as i resize ,all the text goes on to the next line but the code stays in the same line,
iam sorry because this is so silly but the code used to be in lines. is there something i did from which this happened, its little confusing when all the code is in one line

Thanks for pointing out this issue. After a bit of research, a very recent change in the code to fix another problem has created this bug accidentally. We have fixed it and should be deploying a fix shortly.

oh alright, and thank you for replying.

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