Please Help .. Not getting why FCC Tests are not getting successful

Hi All,

I just completed the Drum Machine project and everything seems to be working fine. But while running FreeCodeCamp tests (, only 4 are getting successful even though I have fulfilled the requirements. Can you check and tell me why they are not working? Also if I can get a quick feedback of the project, it would be really helpful. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Project Link :

If I run the test through the codepen link I get 8/8 passed.

So, the power button effect is really cool, but that might be why the tests aren’t passing. If I turn the pad on and run the tests, I get 8/8 passing. If it’s powered off, only 5/8 are passing. If that’s not your issue, try using an incognito tab to open your project and run the tests.

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@warpfox Yes… it is working when I am turning on the pad. And It is not passing all tests in incognito (works when turned on). Can you tell me why would it pass tests if I open in incognito mode?

@Ronnehag You mean by turning on the pads right?

Yes with the pad on.

Sometimes settings/data are not cleared in the browser and can skew expected results, so running in incognito can prevent that from happening by ensuring that your browser’s stored data isn’t interfering with the results.

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