Please help with my resume

This is what I have now, have been applying to jobs non stop and I don’t even get a call back. Any criticism would be appreciate it.

Edit: Thank you all for the feedback, I really appreciate it

With a quick scan, all in all it llooks pretty good.

A few things that I notice:

  1. You don’t need so much space for a job that has nothing to do with web dev. Also, I think it’s a little weird to list it under “Experience” - I would call it “Employment” and shorten it up. It is not relevant to web dev but it does show that you’ve held a position of responsibility - but a one line description will do.

  2. You have two different ways to handle the urls in your projects - I think it would be better to right justify them all.

  3. Do you need “https://” on every url? It just seems like noise to me.

  4. The design seems a little staid to me. It seems a little 1996. I don’t like going crazy with it, but I think you could pep it up a bit. I would recommend spending an hour or two searching the web for developer resumes to get get some ideas.

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I’m not an expert on resumes so I won’t give you any advice there but I did check your Country Search project since it is listed first and I have some feedback on it.

You listed “Responsive Design” as one of the features so I decided to test that and I’m afraid it’s not as good as it could be. At the default font size I’m getting a horizontal scroll bar at certain widths as I start wide and gradually narrow the browser. And then if I manually increase the font size I’m getting content overlapping content and at narrower widths another horizontal scroll bar.

One of the first things I do whenever I evaluate a web page is test responsiveness to both changes in view port width and text size. If it can handle both of those then I know the developer really knows his/her stuff. I’m not saying you don’t, perhaps you just forgot to check for these things? But if you are using this as an example to potential employers and claiming that it is responsive and it is the first project listed on your resume then I think you would want it to be perfect and pass all the tests someone would put it through.

I don’t know if this one issue is going to cause you to be passed over but if you are applying for jobs that get a lot of applicants it is certainly not going to help. So my suggestion would be to go through all of your projects again and make sure they are as good as you want them to be.

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One tip I have read is to contact employees at the company directly, asking for your resume to be passed. Apparently it’s hard to get past the standard screening process otherwise.

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Hey Alex,

would try to find out if:

  • recruiters reject directly after reading your resume or
  • recruiters like your resume, visit your homepage/projects and then reject you

I would setup a simple tracking on your homepage, e.g. with matomo or google analytics to see if recruiters actually visit your site.
Currently it’s hard to say what’s wrong.