Please let me know how I did on my responsive survey form

Hello fellow campers!

Here’s the link to the codepen

I’d like an feedback on the code quality of the form. I’d really like this form to comply to accessibility standards. Is there anything I can improve on on that front? All feedback and constructive criticism is welcome!

Thanks, Lisa

yours label dont have for attribue, you did not add the object of your form

to groups elemnts use fieldset and legend

I’ll address those issues. Thanks @fezeu!

I added the for attribute to my label, and the fieldset tag to group my forms in the html. I left the legend tag off because I don’t think my form needs it (I’ve got a description instead). Let me know if/why I’m wrong leaving that off.

I’d appreciate any other feedback on the survey.

Hi. In the text area instead of having text between the textarea tags add a placeholder attribute.

Try to bring the container down from the top of the page, like a 4 - 5% top margin on the top


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Great tools, thank you.

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